Corrosive Sulfur – Test Kit for Potentially Corrosive Sulphur Testing

Standard-compliant detection of potentially corrosive sulphur using a portable test kit.

 Simple and cost-effective standard-compliant testing for potentially corrosive sulphur

The CS-1016 from a1-envirosciences is an inexpensive test kit for the determination of potentially corrosive sulphur in new and used insulating oils. It enables standard-compliant determination according to EN ISO 62535 and ASTM1275. The heating block with its 16 sample positions allows a high sample throughput. The test kit is supplied with 50 copper strips prepared for use.

Malfunctions of transformers and reactors due to copper sulphide compounds should be avoided. Failures of this type have occurred in a wide variety of systems, often when operating at elevated (but permitted) temperatures and usually without warning from other commonly performed oil tests. One reason for the problems in the transformer could be arcing between adjacent traces of a winding, due to deposits of copper sulphide on cellulose paper used for insulation.

Copper sulphides can occur with very different appearances, so it is very likely that numerous malfunctions in transformers and reactors are due to undetected copper sulphides.

Various partly very reactive sulphur compounds can occur in the sub-% range in transformer oil: Mercaptan, thiols, thiopes, disulphides, polysulphides, etc…. Even though these organo-sulphur compounds are antioxidants, under certain conditions such as oxygen depletion, high load and high operating temperatures, they can convert to corrosive sulphur and react with the copper.

Until now, expensive laboratory tests were the only way to determine the presence of potentially corrosive sulphur in oil. The CS-1016 test kit is a simple, flexible, fast and cost-effective solution for all corrosive sulphur requirements.

Figure 1: Testkit Corrosive Sulphur

Key features

– No sample preparation

– Individually pre-cleaned, pre-cut and hermetically pre-sealed copper/paper

– Easy to use, simple step-by-step instructions included for both tests

– All-inclusive kit format that allows you to start with 50 tests immediately

– ASTM D1275B compliant

– IEC 62535 compliant

– Carrying case IP67 compliant

Parameters / Elements

– Corrosive Sulphur / Potentially Corrosive Sulphur

Industries and branches

– Power

– Petrochemical

Use and applications

– Determination of potentially corrosive sulphur in transformer oil

Standard methods

  • ASTM D1275B
  • IEC 62535

Product details


– Gas supply: O2 99.9%; synth. air; purified compressed air; internal gas supply (optional).



o Copper test strips


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