Analyser for the discrete measurement of mercury

The RA-5A is a simple, modular and compact mercury analyser with very high sensitivity and excellent precision for the analysis of water samples and digestion solutions.

Maximum flexibility, modularity and robustness for mercury analysis in the field or in small spaces

The RA-5A is an innovative analyser for the discrete measurement of mercury, which can be mobilised by reduction from aqueous samples or digestion solutions. The system features a very small and compact design combined with the highest accuracy in its instrument class. The RA-5A is controlled by an intuitive control software and inspires by its easy handling. The system has an internal gas supply.

The RA-5A mercury analyser works by discrete analysis: with 5 ml sample volume, the sample is prepared and processed directly in the receiver vessel. This allows the measurement of high and low concentrations without cross-contamination. The determination of mercury content with the RA-5A is carried out according to national and international standard methods and norms. Tin (II) chloride is added to the samples and the mercury, which is then present as a gas, is expelled by means of a gas stream. The RA-5A works with an internal gas supply. Moisture mobilised in parallel with the mercury is removed from the gas stream via a Peltier cooler before detection by AAS takes place.

The RA-5A can be used for a wide range of samples (drinking water, waste water, surface water, seawater, digested solids, sludge, etc.) and can be upgraded to a fully automatic measuring system by means of extension modules (autosampler and reagent dosing unit). Due to the internal gas supply and the small, compact design, it is ideally suited for use in the field, among other things.

Figure 1: RA-5A basic unit

Figure 2: RA-5A with automatic dosing unit for reagents (RD-5)

Figure 3: RA-5A with automatic dosing unit for reagents (RD-5) and automatic sampler (SC-5)

Key features

– Small, compact CV-AAS with internal gas supply

– Discrete analysis from the receiver vessel / batch method

– Large dynamic measuring range up to 400ppb

– Sample volume from 5-250 ml

– Automatic interference check

– Automatic daily stability check

– Protective function against contamination at extremely high mercury levels

– Low operating and consumable costs

– Easy handling and intuitive software

– Suitable for use in the field

Parameters / Elements

– Mercury

Measuring method

– Dosing of the reagents into the sample vessel

– Mixing of the sample and mobilisation of the mercury

– Gas drying with subsequent detection of the released mercury by AAS

– Automatic rinsing step

Industries and branches

– Environment

– foodstuffs

– Various

Use and applications

Suitable for a wide range of digestions (e.g. aqua regia/microwave) of solid or liquid samples, as well as aqueous samples, including drinking water, groundwater, industrial wastewater, river, lake and sea water and rainwater.

Standard methods

The RA-5A has conformity to the following methods, among others: DIN EN ISO 12846, DIN EN 1483, DIN ISO 16772, ISO 5666:1999, USEPA 245.1, USEPA 245.2, USEPA 245.5, USEPA 7470A, USEPA 7471B, ASTM D3223-02

Product details


– Method: Discrete mercury reduction after addition of the reagents in a batch process.

– Optional reagent dosing system for hydroxylamine hydrochloride, tin(II) chloride and sulphuric acid

– Optional autosampler with 30 (5ml), 12 (20ml) or 5 (100/250ml) positions

– Detection: cold vapour atomic absorption spectroscopy

– Measuring range: 0 to 400 ppb

– Detection limit 0.5 ppt

– Analysis time: 2-4 min

– Gas supply: internal – no laboratory gases required

– Operating system for control software: Windows

– Dimensions basic unit: width – 25cm; depth: 26cm; height: 18cm

– Weight basic unit: 4,7Kg

Software and use

The RA-5A is controlled by specific control software, which enables intuitive use. Quick start-up, simple set-up of measurement sequences including calibration, easily visualised results, standby functions, extensive reporting, numerous diagnostic and service tools. The software provides everything needed for easy and robust operation.


– Optional accessories:

o Reagent dosing RD-5

o Autosampler SC-5


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