Maximum protection. For people. Applications and equipment.

Our a1-safetech division provides protective equipment for safe laboratory work. This consists of a containment device and an integrated or separate exhaust system. Our protective equipment features an ergonomic design and an exceptionally high level of safety. We are experts in our field and show how to implement demonstrably high standards of personal protection in the laboratory.


In collaboration with our users in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we have been able to develop targeted open containment solutions offering an exceptional level of personal protection and easily maintaining an OEL of <100ng/m3. All our personal protection containment devices are operated with low and low-turbulence air flows, guaranteeing both the protection of the operator and the functionality of the applications and the required equipment. In this area, we are considered the specialist firm in Europe.


Local Exhaust Ventilation

As custom-made individual structures, LEV enclosures protect the user from potential releases when working with analytical instruments such as HPLC systems, pipetting robots, mills or grinders. Specifics: The height adjustable CAV SASH system allows free and easy access to the upper and lower region of the interior.


Instrument Enclosure

The IE Series was specifically designed to enclose analytical instruments where during operation, exposures risks arise or where hazardous are used. The IS systems are specially designed to allow easy access to all device components both to the user and the service engineer.

Bulk Powder Series

Dispensing Enclosure for handling of large quantities

The Bulk Powder Series is specifically designed for the safe transfer and weighing of toxic or active substances from large containers, such as drums. When using a mobile Bulk Powder cabinet, both the transferring and the weighing process can be carried out locally.

Climate Zone

Climate-controlled Enclosure

The ClimateZone provides a secure climate-controlled environment for the testing of pharmaceutical products. Temperature and humidity are controlled in the ClimateZone.