Portable mercury analyser

The EMP-3 from NIC (Nippon Instruments Corporation) is highly sensitive in determining the level of elemental mercury in gases (especially working environments). It is small, light, compact and battery-operated. The strap system makes it easy and safe to take the EMP-3 to the place of measurement.

Determination of mercury by portable AAS in the working environment, gases and waters

The EMP-3 is a small, portable cold vapour AAS that performs continuous measurement. It is operated via a colour touch screen. The lower measuring range limit of the EMP-3 is 0.1 µg/m3 – the upper measuring range limit is 2,000 µg/m3. The measured values are stored and can be transferred to a PC for further processing.

The EMP-3 is a very small and handy measuring device. It weighs 1.6 kg and has shoulder straps and a hip belt so that the hands remain free (working/climbing). The unit is easy to operate via a touch screen where the different measuring modes and units are selected. The unit can display the measurement results in µg/m³ or mg/m3 or optionally as a bar graph with corresponding colour coding of warning limits as well as limit violations. Average concentrations and maximum values are also visualised. All measurement results are stored on an SD card and can be edited to create reports and save data. In contrast to the predecessor model EMP-2, the measurement data can also be visualised on the display of the EMP-3 afterwards. The LCD display is splash-proof.

The EMP-3 is ready to measure 10 minutes after it is switched on. The unit has an autozero function that is started automatically. Regeneration of sensors or similar is not necessary. Switch on and measure. Due to the low weight and the carrying system, the device is hardly noticeable and does not interfere with the normal workflow. The measuring probe can be attached to the shoulder strap in the wearer’s breathing zone so that continuous monitoring takes place in the relevant area. If the set warning limit is exceeded, an acoustic warning tone sounds. A telescopic probe is optionally available, which enables measurement even in places that are difficult to access without the user having to get unnecessarily close to the source.

The measuring principle of the EMP-3 is based on the technique of AAS (atomic absorption spectroscopy) – no regeneration is required. The device has no saturating sensors and high loads can be detected correctly. The calibration of the AAS is stable. It can be checked/renewed by the service department of a1-envirosciences GmbH as part of an annual maintenance or it can be checked and updated by the user. A calibration set for the production of mercury standards is available.

The EMP-3 has a special technique for checking/compensating cross-sensitivities. In case of an alarm or exceeding of the limit value, a possible cross-sensitivity can be checked at the push of a button.

The EMP-3 can also be used for unattended, continuous monitoring of the mercury concentration in the ambient air. In addition, the concept of dynamic flow dilution using the Hi-Lutor option allows the measuring range of the EMP-3 to be extended up to 20,000 µg/m3. It thus enables mercury measurements in areas where mercury concentrations are exceptionally high. In this way, the versatility of the EMP-3 meter is extended.


Figure 1: EMP-3 – Portable Cold Vapour AAS

Figure 2: EMP-3 – mercury measurement even smaller and lighter

Figure 3: EMP-3 – wide linear measuring range (0.1 to 2000 µg/m³)

Key features

– Compact, lightweight cold steam AAS (1.6 Kg)

– Easy handling / quick training

– Real-time measurement (leisure time: 1 sec.) in the breathing zone

– Hands-free carrying system with waist belt

– Highly sensitive with wide, linear working range: 0.1 – 2000 µg/m³

– Acoustic warning signal when limit value is exceeded

– Compensation/checking of cross-sensitivities

– Automatic temperature compensation

– GPS-supported data logger – direct assignment of location and measured value

– Storage of results via SD card

– Meets WHO and USEPA requirements

– Optional accessories for measuring water samples

Parameters / Elements

– Mercury

Measuring method

– Aspiration of the sample

– Measurement by means of AAS

Industries and branches

– Energy

– Petrochemistry

– Environment/Waste

Use and applications

– Air measurement for occupational safety / contamination testing

– Inspection of gas tanks and gas transport systems

– Occupational safety during plant maintenance

– Direct measurement of gaseous elemental mercury in natural gas, shale gas and LPG from Tedlar bags

– Mercury measurement in digestion solutions and waters

Standard methods


Product details


– Real-time mercury determination by means of cold vapour AAS

– Measuring range: 0.1 – 2000 µg/m³ (up to 20,000µg/m³ using Hi-Lutor option)

– Temperature compensation

– GPS tracking

– Sample flow rate 1l/minute

– Colour LCD touch screen

– Incl. carrying system

– Weight: 1.6kg (battery included)

– Dimensions: 207 W x 140 H x 115 D (mm)

Software and use

The EMP-3 is operated via the touch screen of the colour LCD display. Separate software or a control computer are not necessary. All function buttons are available in an overview and allow easy direct use in any environment.

Figure 4: EMP-3 – Operation via LCD touch screen


Optional accessories:

  • o Hi-Lutor (measuring range extension up to 20,000 µg/m³)
  • o Aquakit (determination of water and digestion solutions)
  • o Calibration kit
  • o Carrying case


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