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Our business unit a1-agrifood offers analytical instruments for food and beverage production, feed industry as well as for agriculture and agribusiness. We support the producer from the analysis of the raw material to the finished product with precise solutions that facilitate the work in the laboratory. In the agricultural sector, in addition to equipment for the analysis of ingredients and residues, we also offer solutions for soil and fertiliser analysis.

EMA 502

Elemental Analyzer CHNS-O

Precise, versatile, cloud-enabled micro elemental analyzer for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen determination with Helium and Argon as carrier gas.    

Oxidation Stability Reactor

The oxidation stability tests performed with the VELP OXITEST reactor accelerate the lipid's oxidation process that in normal conditions can last weeks or months and provide rapid, accurate and reliable results.
CN 802

Fast and simultaneous Carbon and Nitrogen analysis

The VELP CN 802 combustion analyser is robust, flexible and does not require aggressive chemicals. Powered by the CNSoft software, the CN 802 produces simultaneous results in 5 minutes, all whilst unsupervised. Results include:
  • Total Carbon – TC
  • Total Nitrogen – TN
  • C/N Ratio
dietary fibre analysis

Reliable and accurate Dietary Fibre Analysis 

The analytical procedure for the determination of dietary fibre involves a series of digestions of the sample by thermostable enzymes using the enzymatic digester GDE, which operates in accordance with the official AOAC method for the determination of total dietary fibre.

Digestion Units

Sample preparation is a crucial part of the Kjeldahl analysis to obtain accurate and precise results. With the VELP DKL series of digesters, manual operations have been significantly decreased: lowering and lifting of the samples is fully automatic, as well as the separation between the test tubes and the suction cup.

Distillation Units

Velp offer a wide range of distillation units designed to give every unique customer a solution for their Kjeldahl analysis application.

Fibre Analysers 

The VELP FIWE 3 & 6 and FIWE Advanced are fibre analysers suitable for raw fibre extraction, commonly known as an indigestible residue.
NDA 702

Fast cost effective Dumas Nitrogen Analyser

The VELP NDA 701 and 702 Dumas Nitrogen Analysers are versatile elemental analysers for Nitrogen and Protein determination according to the Dumas combustion method. Although both are cloud-enabled, the NDA 702 also allows the possibility to choose between Helium and Argon as a carrier gas.    
Solvent Extractor
SER 148 & SER 158 Series

Solvent Extraction Units 

VELP offers two series of solvent extractors suitable for various applications in the food, environmental and pharmaceutical industries: the SER 148 and the SER 158