The PrepFAST liquid handling workstation

The PrepFAST is a high throughput liquid handling workstation designed to solve common liquid handling problems for busy and demanding analytical laboratories. This includes dilutions, liquid dispensing and standard preparation. The prepFAST is highly configurable to match the exact requirements of your automation needs.

PrepFAST Bespoke design options

A1-envirosciences automated chemistry division provides a unique portfolio of cutting-edge technologies for laboratory automation. Focused on the goal of eradicating sample preparation and analytical bottle necks, our dedicated team can provide the answer to problematic laboratory automation obstacles, with a range of bespoke automated products and solutions.

If your off-the-shelf instruments do not provide the solution to your current or future automation requirements, contact our team of experts who can offer advice on an alternative, customized solution that meet your demands of your laboratory

Key features

  • Automated sample preparation such as filtration, sub sampling, mixing, etc
  • Single and multi-probe options that can also eliminate contamination for oil dilution
  • Flexible customisable software
  • With over 200 standard sample racks available – virtually any tube size can be accommodated. Custom made racks are also available
  • Aqueous and non-aqueous liquid handling possible
  • Automatic sample pipetting with powerful liquid handling capabilities
  • Unrivalled application flexibility with the potential to interface, integrate and control other laboratory instrumentation, IC, ICP-MS, UV-vis, LC and more.
  • Full LIMS communication
  • PrepFAST sample preparation options can be combined with the other high throughput automated systems from a1-envirosciences.


The prepFAST can be used to address a variety of liquid handling problems:

  • Dilution of oils for ICP MS/OES.
  • Liquid sample preparation for techniques such as liquid and Ion Chromatography.
  • Liquid dispensing, subsampling and mixing.
  • Multi sample analysis with the ability to prepare samples whilst analysing
  • Automated sample filtrations








Produkt Details


  • Capacity (Flow through): 350 x 15ml disposable tubes for model GX215 280 x 15ml disposable tubes for model GX271
  • Capacity (Flow DIP): Up to 170 x 50ml disposable tubes for model GX215, Up to 70 x 50ml disposable tubes for model GX271
  • Measurement time: < 2 to 10 minutes depending on configuration
  • Typical sample types: Water, oils, lubricants,
  • Sample volume (flow through): < 15ml
  • FootprintGX215 – 91.4 (w) x 61 (d) x 55.8 (h) cm / GX271 – 59.7 (w) x 54.1 (d) x 57.1 (h) cm


PC Software

  • TitreFast Lite
  • Common Windows 7 or 10 64 bit interface or higher
  • Easy LIMS import of sample schedules and export via LIMS for reporting
  • MS Excel Reporting

PC specification

  • Pentium 4 with 1GHz or better, >1 GB RAM, 200GB hard disc
  • one free RS232 port
  • Windows 7 Prof 64 bit, Windows 10
  • 1024×768 or high resolution monitor
  • Requires Microsoft Excel or Office installed.
  • please send the PC to a1-envirosciences prior to installation



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