The latest generation of Reducing Vaporization CVAAS Mercury Analyzer

The RA-7000A uses the Discrete Direct Purge Reducing Vaporization Technique in which a mercury analyser handles each sample in a discrete, independent sample tube.

Analyser with seamless automation from start to finish

The RA-7000A uses the Discrete Direct Purge Reducing Vaporization Technique in which a mercury analyser handles each sample in a discrete, independent sample tube.

Why is this DDP technique so unique?

Because this technique virtually eliminates any acidic sample solution contact with the analyte transfer pathway. The elemental mercury generated through the reduction is directed through a dry and inert pathway straight toward the detector. By doing so, it minimizes mercury memory effect, giving better reproducibility and precision!

With a detection limit down to 0.5ppt and a measurement range of up to 400ppb, the RA-7000A can measure a wide range of sample matrices, including but not limited to seawater, wastewater, drinking water, and groundwater.

The RA-7000A has a modular design that gives you more flexibility in how you use the product. It works well with SANPRA™ autosamplers:

  • SANPRA™ 3 gives a high throughput with its 80 position autosampler
  • SANPRA™ 5 comes with Auto-Digestion Function to provide seamless automation of mercury analysis
  • SANPRA™ 7 is The World’s First 29 Positions  autosampler for Solid Matrices

Mercury analyser

Figure 1: SANPRA 3 and RA-7000A

Mercury analyser

Figure 2: SANPRA 7 and RA-7000A

For users with lower automation needs, the RA-7000A can be combined with an impinger kit to perform simple and efficient mercury analysis for all samples.

The user’s daily experience in handling is important to us. That is why the design of the RA-7000A is based on 4 main functions:

  • a detachable reagent rack,
  • a transparent large cover,
  • direct access to the sample loading area
  • with built-in LED light

The RA series is designed for both stand-alone and hybrid configurations, providing a functional and flexible solution to your mercury analysis needs.

This model is designed to improve mercury analysis while reducing environmental impact:

  • 80 samples with auto-digestion produce only 600 ml of waste
  • analysis time has been reduced by 22% and
  • power consumption reduced by 30%.

Video 1: RA-7000A NIC Video

Key features

  • Discrete Direct Purge technology
  • Autosampler with up to 80 positions
  • Detection limit of up to 0.5 ppt
  • measuring range up to 400 ppb
  • modular design
  • easy access to all relevant components
  • low operating and consumable costs
  • easy handling and intuitive software
  • small footprint

Parameters / Elements


Measuring method

Thanks to the auto-digestion function, all you have to do is place the samples in your chosen SANPRA™ position and present the correct reagents for the method in question. Then you are ready to go! The RA-7000A, together with SANPRA 5, takes care of the rest of the process, from reagent addition, chemical digestion, stirring, LED verification of excess potassium permanganate and measurement of total mercury.

It can control up to 3 SANPRA™ units, allowing a throughput of up to 240 samples with minimal manpower.

Together with a SANPRA™ or Impinger kit unit, the RA-7000A series can also be coupled with an RH gas module to analyse gaseous elemental mercury (GEQ). GEQ can be captured with a NIC mercury collection tube. The mercury collection tube can be analysed directly with the RH gas module.


Figure 3:  RA-7000A and RH gas module


  • Environment
  • Food

Use and applications

Determination of mercury content in drinking water, groundwater, seawater, wastewater, surface water, rainwater, etc. including sample digestion.

Product details


  • Method: Discrete-Direct-Purge (DDP)
  • Measuring range: 0.5 ppt to 400 ppb
  • Gas supply: no external gas supply necessary
  • Measuring method: Non-dispersive double beam cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry (CVAAS)
  • Sample size: 5mL (standard) / option for 20mL, 100mL and 250mL impinger
  • Carrier gas: ambient air (self-purified by a mercury separator)

Software and application

The RA-7000A software has a user-friendly interface with clear animated display which means users will be up and running in no time!

Mercury analyser

Figure 4: Software Maintenance Screen

Figure 5: Software Analysis Screen

Figure 6: Software Measurement Screen


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