The TitreFAST Range

The TitreFAST high throughput automated analysis system is a versatile automated platform for potentiometric titration demands. Combining cutting edge titration equipment with the Gilson Autosampler range, the TitreFAST provides the perfect solution to the problems of high sample throughput, time pressure, sampling inconsistency and repetitive manual work.

Flexible, fast and high throughput

Applications within the field of titration can be diverse and demanding, The TitreFAST addresses this by providing unmatched flexibility with options for 2 different automation platforms, Dip or static cell measurements and bespoke rack design options. The TitreFAST can be configured to provide a solution to match a customers priority whether it is cost or throughput.

The system allows a capacity of up to 350 15ml test tubes to be automatically analysed with minimal operator involvement and full LIMS communication. Accurate and robost the titreFAST Offers unparalleled automated liquid handling with powerful titration options. 

Key features

  • High throughput TAN, TBN, acidity by potentiometric titration
  • High throughput ISE detection
  • Unrivalled application flexibility with the potential to automate sample preparation in addition to titration ie mixing, sub sampling, dilution.
  • Uses low cost disposable sample tubes
  • Offers fast titration with dynamic focused end point detection for unmatched accuracy
  • Needle wipe to prevent contamination and automated reagent waste removal



The Titrefast provides an answer to most potentiometric titration applications as well applications that use an ISE:

  • TAN: Waste oil, Transformer oil, Engine oils, Hydraulic fluids ASTM D663, D974, ISO 3771, IP400
  • TBN: Waste oil, Transformer oil, Engine oils, Hydraulic fluids ASTM D2986
  • ASTM D 1179 Standard test methods for fluoride ion in water
  • ASTM D 3868 Standard test method for fluoride ions in brackish water, seawater and brines
  • EPA 340.2 Fluoride (potentiometric, ion selective electrode)
  • ISO 10359-1 Water quality – determination of fluoride – part 1: electrochemical probe method for potable and ightly polluted water
  • SCA, Blue book 62 Fluoride in waters, effluents, sludges, plants and soils
  • ASTM D 1426 Standard test methods for ammonia nitrogen in water
  • ISO 6778 Water quality – determination of ammonium – potentiometric method
  • Acidity, Chloride, Bromide, Cyanate, Cyanide, Iodide, Nitrate, Potassium, sodium, sulphide and many more.








Product Details


  • Type of measurement: Potentiometric titration
  • Capacity (Flow through): 350 x 15ml disposable tubes for model GX215 280 x 15ml disposable tubes for model GX271
  • Capacity (Flow DIP): Up to 170 x 50ml disposable tubes for model GX215, Up to 70 x 50ml disposable tubes for model GX271
  • Measurement time: < 2 to 10 minutes depending on configuration
  • Typical sample types: Water, oils, lubricants
  • Sample volume (flow through): < 15ml
  • Footprint: GX215 – 91.4 (w) x 61 (d) x 55.8 (h) cm / GX271 – 59.7 (w) x 54.1 (d) x 57.1 (h) cm


  • PC Software: TitreFast Lite / Common Windows 7 or 10 64 bit interface or higher / Easy LIMS import of sample schedules and export via LIMS for reporting / MS Excel Reporting
  • PC specification: Pentium 4 with 1GHz or better, >1 GB RAM, 200GB hard disc / one free RS232 port / Windows 7 Prof 64 bit, Windows 10 / 1024×768 or high resolution monitor / Requires Microsoft Excel or Office installed / please send the PC to a1-envirosciences prior to installation

Accessories and alternative products

  • Optional tube racks: With over 200 standard sample racks available – virtually any tube size can be accommodated. Custom made racks are also available


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