Mercury analysis for gases and LPGs

Determine mercury in gases and LPGs cost-effectively and compactly with highest sensitivity with the WA-5.

Unique measuring system for the determination of mercury in gases and LPGs

The WA-5 is a unique system on the market for the direct determination of mercury in gases by means of double amalgamation. AAS and AFS are available as detectors. The sample is either fed directly (TedlarBag, pressurised gas bottles) or via already loaded gold sand tubes. An autosampler with 30 positions is available for this purpose.

Dual-gold amalgamation for the analysis of mercury in the ultra-trace range

The WA series uses the dual gold amalgamation technique to ensure excellent recovery of mercury. The first step of gold amalgamation takes place in the mercury adsorption tube used for sampling. The 2nd gold amalgamation step takes place in the mercury focusing tube, which is integrated into the WA-5. It is also called the analytical trap. All mercury analytes pass through two gold amalgamation steps, effectively eliminating possible interference.

Compact and lightweight – only 13 kg and small footprint

The WA-5 has compact dimensions (W 230 × D 460 × H 390 mm) and weighs only 13 kg. This means that the device can also be used as a mobile unit or in the field.

Excellent detection limits and sensitivity

As an AFS system, the WA-5 has uniquely low detection limits. It is equipped with a highly sensitive CVAFS detector and can achieve a detection limit of less than 0.1 pg Hg. This extremely selective and sensitive detector is the best choice for ultra trace measurements. Purified argon is used as the carrier gas for this measurement.

The WA-5A is equipped with the state-of-the-art dual-cell CVAAS detector with auto-range function, which detects all unknown concentrations in a single measurement. It has a detection limit of only 0.001 ng Hg and has a linear measurement range up to 1,000 ng Hg. By using the special optical system, the WA-5A enables a wide range of applications.

Lower operating costs

The WA-5A AAS system does not require a carrier gas. It has an integrated room air filter that generates the clean carrier gas. This feature reduces operating costs and facilitates the measurement of gaseous matrices in the laboratory or in the field. Purified argon is mandatory for the operation of the AFS. However, the WA-5F uses its own purified room air as a carrier gas source for purging and internal mercury transfer. Argon is only used during the detection sequence. This significantly reduces consumption and operating costs compared to other commercial AFS systems.

All NIC mercury adsorption tubes are reusable after measurement. The gold-coated sands used are synthesised and manufactured in-house using technology that has been proprietary for over 40 years. They have proven to be robust and durable. The right gold compound and coating allows for high affinity and selectivity to mercury and high resistance to acid gases and heat.

High flexibility

The WA-5 is extremely versatile as it can be operated as a stand-alone unit or with different samplers: for manual injection, for gas delivery from Tedlar bags, with autosampler for adsorption tubes or with vaporiser for liquid gases.


Figure 1: WA-5 basic unit

Figure 2: WA-5 with gas volume meter for direct sampling from the Tedlar bag

Figure 3: WA-5 with autosampler (TC-WA) for gas adsorption tubes

Figure 4: WA-5 with vaporiser for liquid gas/pressure bombs (LP-WA)

Key features

– Dual gold amalgamation for the analysis of mercury in the ultratrace range

– AAS or AFS

– Direct feed of gases and liquid gases or measurement of absorption tubes

– Compact and lightweight – only 13 kg and low space requirement

– Lower operating costs – no carrier gas required & reusable mercury adsorption tube

– Excellent detection limit and sensitivity – detection limit 0.001 ng Hg

– High flexibility due to various autosamplers and application modules

Parameters / Elements

– Mercury

Measuring method

– Sample presentation as gas in Tedlar bag, as liquid gas in pressure bomb or adsorbed on collection tubes

– Automatic sample transfer / mercury mobilisation

– Intermediate focusing by amalgamation

– Measurement by AAS or AFS

Industries and branches

– Energy

– petrochemistry

– Chemical

– Environment

Use and applications

– Mercury determination in LPG, natural gas, shale gas

– Mercury determination in ambient air

– Mercury determination in semiconductor production

Standard methods

  • ASTM D5954
  • ASTM D6350
  • ISO 6978
  • ISO 20552
  • USEPA IO-5
  • JLPGA-S-07

Product details

Software and use

The WA-5 series units are controlled by specific control software that enables intuitive use. Fast commissioning, simple set-up of measurement sequences including calibration, easily visualised results, standby functions, extensive reporting, numerous diagnostic and service tools. The software provides everything needed for easy and robust operation.


– Optional accessories:

o TC-WA – Autosampler for adsorption tubes

o LP-WA – autosampler for pressure bombs

o Gas meter

o Calibration kit

o Adsorption tubes


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