Room air quality monitor / alarm

The Air SafeCheck monitor was specially developed to measure indoor air quality in rooms. It is not to be regarded as a scientific measuring instrument. Its internal sensor is very sensitive to VOCs such as toluene and formaldehyde from wood finishing and building products (furniture and decorations), as well as to other air contaminants released by cigarette smoke, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, etc. It is also sensitive to odours such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, disinfectants. It is also sensitive to odours such as carbon monoxide, alcohol, disinfectants and other odours. The Air safeCheck monitor is a complete solution that displays ambient temperature, humidity and the concentration of various contaminants.

Key features

• Real time indoor air quality detection
• High sensitivity to VOCs and other indoor contaminative gases
• Temperature and humidity detection and monitoring
• 3 coloured LCD backlit and buzzer alarm
• Provide 1x on/off-output to control a ventilator
• Excellent performance

Use and applications

• Ambient air quality detection and alarm
• Ventilation systems
• Air purification systems
• Places of use: laboratory, office, bedroom, living and dining room, kindergarten, classroom, car, restaurant, hotel and other public places

Product details


• Real time monitor ambiance air quality
• Semiconductor mix gases sensor with 5 years lifetime
• Gas detection: cigarette smoke, VOCs such as formaldehyde and toluene, ethanol, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases
• Suitable for inidacting the saturation of activated carbon filters
• Monitoring of temperatur and relative humidity
• 3-coloured LCD backlit (green / orange /red) indicating air quality at optimal / moderate / poor
• Preset warning point of buzzer alarm and backlight
• Dry contact relay output for fan control or external alarm feedback
• High quality components and manufacturing
• 240V power supply
• Availabel as free-standing unit or with wall bracket
• EU-standard and CE-approval

Gas detection: Highly sensitive to many harmful gases, such as harmful gases from construction and decoration materials, VOCs (like toluene and formaldehyde), cigarette smoke, ammonia and other gases from household wastes, CO, SO2 from cooking and burning; alcohol, natural gas, detergent and other bad smells etc.Sensing element: Semiconductor mix gas sensor of long working life and good stability
Signal update: 1s
Warm up time: 72 hours (first time), 1 hour (normal operation)
VOC measuring range: 1 ~ 30 ppm (1ppm = 1 parts per million)
Display resolution: 0.1 ppm
VOC setting resolution: 0.1 ppm
Temperature + humidity sensor: Temperature / Relative Humidity
Sensing range: NTC 5K / Capacitive sensor
Measuring range: 0 ~ 50 ℃ 0 à 95% relative humidity
Accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ ( 25 ℃, 40% -60% HR) / ± 4% relative humidity (25 ℃, 40% -60% HR)
Display resolution: 0.5 ℃ / 1% relative humidity
Stability: ± 0.5 ℃ per year / ± 1% RH per year
Output: 1 relay output to controle a ventilator, air purifier or alarm feedback, max. current resistance 3A (220VAC )
Alarm types: Accustic alarm by inner buzzer and 3-colour backlit switch
Warning alarm: Alarm starts when VOC is above 25 ppm
LCD backlit: green — optimal air quality / orange — moderate air quality ► ventilation suggested / red —- poor air quality ► ventilation immediately
Operation condition: – 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ (- 4 ℉ ~ 140 ℉) / 0 ~ 95% relative humidity
Storage condition: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ ( 32 ℉ ~ 122 ℉) / 5 ~ 90% relative humidity
Net weight: 190g
Dimensions: 130 mm (L) × 85 mm (W) × 36.5 mm (H)
Installation :Desktop or wall mount (65 mm × 65 mm or 85 mm x 85 mm or 2 ”× 4” wire box)
Wiring standard: <1.5 mm²
Power supply 220-240 VAC
Consumption: 2.8 W
Quality System: ISO 9001
Housing: PC / ABS fire-proof, IP30 protection
Certificate: CE

Note: The Air SafeCheck is a device designed to give an indication of the total concentration of pollutants in the air for information purposes. Although it is very accurate and responsive, it cannot be considered as a scientific measuring instrument.


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