AOX Sample preparation

Preconcentration modules and rapid filtration 

Automatic multi-channel enrichment for AOX analysis with or without SPE, parallel enrichment for column AOX, fast filtration on ceramic frits for shaking method.

Simple and inexpensive AOX sample enrichment or filtration

Depending on the method and number of samples, different modules with standard-compliant operation are available for sample preparation for AOX analysis. The devices can also be used for automatic sample preparation for AOF, AOCl, AOBr and AOI for subsequent determination by c-IC.

The AOX enrichment30 automates sample preparation according to the column method for 30 samples. An SPE version and a version with two channels working in parallel are available. Specific product details below.

The 5-channel AD module is available for parallel sample preparation. The unit operates with syringe pumps and can thus comply with the normatively prescribed enrichment speeds even under counterpressure. It is used for individual samples, small series or, in the case of multiple use, for parallel processing of large series. The volumes for enrichment and rinsing are freely selectable.

The SA-200 is a simple and robust filtration station for sample processing according to the shaking method. It filters shaking AOX samples on ceramic supports, which are measured directly in the AOX-200 and AOX-400. Compared to polycarbonate filters, the handling of the ceramic filters is much easier. The elimination of polycarbonate filters results in high cost savings. The ceramic carriers have a long service life.

Figure 1: AOX enrichment30/SPE/Dual

Figure 2: 5-channel AD module

Figure 3: SA-200

Key Features

– DIN and EN-compliant operation

– Analysis of water and waste water

– Robust and space-saving system design

– Cross-contamination-free sample handling

– Cost-effective consumables / low operating costs

Parameters / Elements

  • AOX
  • AOF
  • AOCl
  • AOI
  • AOBr

Measurement method

Column method: enrichment of the samples on activated carbon columns

– SPE method: enrichment, washing and elution via SPE cartridges, subsequent enrichment on activated carbon columns

– Shaking method: filtration of the samples shaken with activated carbon over ceramic frits

Industries and branches

– Environment (water, waste water, soil, waste)

Use and applications

Sample preparation for the determination of AOX, AOF, AOCl, AOBr and/or AOI in water and waste water by the column method or the shaking method

Standard methods

The enrichments show full compliance with all relevant standard procedures for AOX, AOF, AOI, AOBr and AOI. among others:

  • EN ISO 9562
  • DIN EN 1485
  • DIN 38409-H18
  • DIN38409 H22
  • DIN 38414-17 (S17)
  • OENORM M 6614
  • DIN 38409-59

Product details

AOX enrichment30/SPE/Dual:

With the AOX Enrichment 30, the steps required by EN 1485 / EN ISO 9562 or DIN 38409-H14 for AOX enrichment on activated carbon are carried out automatically:

– Homogenisation of samples containing solids

– Adsorption of the sample on activated carbon

– Washing with nitrate washing solution

The simple design with few mechanical parts and no complicated valve technology allows high operational readiness and reliability. Strictly contamination-free sample introduction is of great importance for precise AOX analysis. The AOX enrichment30 prevents the sample from coming into contact with the valve or syringe. This results in the least possible carry-over or cross-contamination. The AOX enrichment30 cleans itself by variable washing volumes with nitrate washing solution after each sample (2.5 to 50 ml).

With a second enrichment channel, the speed of sample processing can be doubled.

Even for samples with high salt contents, AOX enrichment can be automated to a large extent. Compared to manual processing, this saves considerable time and increases laboratory productivity. The AOX enrichment30-SPE carries out the AOX enrichment on activated carbon for waters with high contents of inorganic halogens (> 1 or 5 g/l) according to DIN ISO 9562 / DIN 38409-H22. This system is also available with two enrichment channels working in parallel.

The following steps are automated:

– conditioning of the SPE cartridge with methanol and water

– Adsorption of the AOX samples with high salt contents on styrene-divinylbenzene resin

– Washing of the cartridge with nitrate wash solution

– Elution with methanol and water

– Adsorption on activated carbon columns

– Washing with nitrate washing solution.

Important key points:

– Robust XYZ robot.

– Robust construction with few mechanical parts without complicated valve technology

– Strictly sequential sample processing with contamination-free sample introduction

– Analysis of surface water and wastewater

– DIN and EN compliant

– Available with two parallel channels

– Sample and wash volume freely selectable (25 to 2500 ml)

– Large number of samples (up to 30 samples)

– Memory function to safeguard measurement in case of power failure

– Enrichment volume 5 to 2600 ml (preset 100 ml)


– Consumables: AOX activated carbon


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