AOXPack / PremiumPack

Activated carbon columns

Pre-packed activated carbon columns for AOX, AOF, AOCl, AOBr, AOI analysis according to the column method.

Simply good activated carbon columns

The activated charcoal columns packed in strips of 10 have certified low blank values and undergo permanent quality control. Simple. Cost-effective. Safe. The columns are suitable for AOX analysis as well as for AOF determination by means of combustion-IC and the splitting of AOX into AOCl, AOBr and AOI.

Figure 1: Pre-packed activated carbon columns (100 pieces)

Figure 2: Pre-packed activated carbon columns

Key Features

– Gas-tight packaging

– 100 columns per pack (10 small packs of 10 columns)

– Time and cost saving

– Shelf-stable

– Safe handling

– Easy disposal (waste glass)

– Narrow particle size distribution of the activated carbon

– Quality controlled: Packs with lot number and date, production lot with individual blank value control

Parameters / Elements

  • AOX
  • AOF
  • AOCl
  • AOBr
  • AOI

Industries and Branches

– Environment (water, waste water, soil, waste)

Use and applications

Consumables for the determination of AOX, AOF, AOCl, AOBr and AOI in water and waste water

Standard methods

  • DIN EN ISO 9562
  • EN 1485
  • DIN 38409-H14
  • DIN 38409-H22
  • DIN 38409-59


Product details


Suitable enrichment systems:

AOX enrichments: Enrichment30, 5-channel AD module, SA-200

Matching analysers:

  • AOX-200
  • AOX-400
  • TOX-300
  • NSX-2100
  • AQF-2100


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