Fully automatic AOX and EOX analysis

The AOX-400 is the latest system in the AOX/EOX/POX family of instruments. For decades, a1-envirosciences has been the contact for AOX analysers.

Easy carefree determination of AOX and EOX

The AOX-400 offers maximum flexibility due to the integrated sampler for AOX and EOX, as well as the combination of different AOX measurement modes in one sequence. Measure preferential samples not only in EOX determination but also in AOX column mode.

Experience increased efficiency through reduced measurement times, longer measurement sequences and lower maintenance.

The AOX-400 measures cost-effectively and stably through container-, airlock- and boat-less direct injection of the AOX columns into the combustion chamber, as well as low-wear ceramic filters for shaking AOX samples. Thanks to an internal gas supply as well as efficient gas routing without a hose-gas dryer, the operating costs are once again significantly reduced.

Measure EOX carefree and fast: Complete recovery of heavy substances (e.g. PCB-209) in the shortest measuring time.

The AOX-400 offers increased safety through acetic acid post-combustion and the simple and safe change of cell electrolyte and sulphuric acid.

Sustainability is very important to us! There is cross-compatibility with other instrument series and sample preparation modules. No technical gases are required in AOX operation!

The AOX-400 has a minimised space requirement. Less than half a metre of laboratory bench space is required.

The simple and intuitive software with navigation mode enables reliable and safe operation even at low application frequencies. The software features optimised QC by means of automatic checking and documentation of all analytical parameters.



Figure 1: AOX-400 with sample tray for ceramic and quartz containers.


Figure 2: AOX-400 with sample tray and injector for direct injection of AOX columns

Figure 3: AOX-400 with sample tray and injector for EOX determination

Key features

– Excellent analytical performance

– Increased flexibility for AOX and EOX automation

– Longer and faster measurement series

– Reduced operating and consumable costs

– High safety (control functions, combustion of acetic acid gases)

– Easy handling and intuitive software

– Very small footprint

– Compatible with other AOX and EOX systems and sample preparation modules

Parameters / Elements

  • AOX
  • EOX
  • POX
  • Total chlorine

Measuring method

– Automatic sample feeding

– Sample combustion

– Gas drying

– Potentiometric titration

– Combustion of acetic acid waste gases

Industries and branches

– Environment (water, waste water, soil, waste)

Use and applications

– Measurement of AOX in water, wastewater, soils and sewage sludge

– Measurement of EOX in water, wastewater, soils and sewage sludge

– Measurement of POX in water

– Determination of total chlorine in coal

Standard methods

The AOX-400 is fully compliant with all relevant standard procedures for AOX/EOX, including:

  • EN ISO 9562
  • DIN EN 1485
  • DIN 38409-H18
  • DIN38409 H22
  • DIN 38414-17 (S17)
  • OENORM M 6614

Product details


– Method: Oxidative pyrolysis in the quartz glass tube and coulometric titration.

– Furnace: Vertical arrangement, up to 1000°C

– Titration: Coulometry with silver electrode

– Detection: potentiometric Titration control

– Measuring range 0.1-50 µg (Cl)

– Reproducibility CV < 3 % at 10 µg Cl

– Analysis time 5-10 min

– Gas supply: O2 99.9%; synth. air; purified compressed air; internal gas supply (optional)

Software and use

Application-specific software – tailored to the requirements of the parameters AOX and EOX

– Integrated navigation from morning commissioning to printout of results

– Combination of different measurement modes and analysis of preferential samples

Figure 4: AOX-400 software


Optional accessories:

  • AIR-200 gas supply
  • AOX enrichments: Enrichment30, 5-channel AD module, SA-200


  • AOX activated carbon


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