CA-31 and KF-31

Karl Fischer moisture meters – Compact, convertable and cost-efficient

The Compact CA31 and KF31 Karl Fischer moisture meters provide cost efficient, convertible systems for both coulometric and volumetric measurements.

Simple, Fast and accurate Karl Fischer moisture meters

The portable CA-31 is a compact coulometric Karl Fischer moisture meter for the economic user. Designed to fill a dual role as a lab based or portable system the CA-31 has an optional carry case and battery for any location. The airtight, ground glass, one piece titration cell provides near zero background levels of moisture and coupled with the simple design and interface allows users immediate access to fast, accurate and precise Karl Fischer moisture measurements.

The compact and convertible KF-31 moisture meter is equipped with a built-in burette for volumetric karl fischer. By adding a coulometric cell the same KF-31 can also be used as a coulometric Karl Fischer. The KF-31 eliminates the need to buy 2 Karl Fischer instruments by providing a method for both coulometric and Volumetric Karl Fischer Measurements with just one compact unit.

Key features

  • Small footprint
  • Easy to view and easy to operate 5.7 inch colour LCD touch panel, with all of the essential information in one view
  • Portable with optional carry case and battery
  • Automatic reagent dispense and evacuation system
  • Analyse 1 ppm – 99% Water in a wide variety of matrices
  • The KF-31 is suitable for both volumetric and coulometric measurements.
  • Compatible with specialty water vaporizers for samples that would normally interact with Karl Fischer reagent

Parameter / Elements

– Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture measurments

– Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture measurments

Industries and branches

– peterochemical

– Energy

– Chemical

– Neutraceutical


Use and applications

Not required if a customer doesnt know what KF is for then they are in trouble!

Standard methods

ASTMD890, ASTMD1159, ASTMD1364, ASTMD1533, ASTMD2710, ASTMD3401, ASTMD4017, ASTMD4377, ASTMD5460, ASTMD5530, ASTMD6304, ASTMD6869, ASTMD7375 ASTME1064 ASTME203

ISO 760, ISO 3699, ISO 3839, ISO 4317, ISO 5381, ISO 5536, ISO 6296, ISO 6488, ISO 7105, ISO 7335, ISO 8534, ISO 10101, ISO 10336, ISO 10337, ISO 10362, ISO 11021, ISO 12779, ISO 12937, ISO 14897, ISO 15512, ISO 20764, ISO 20938

IEC 60814

Product details


– Nittoseiko Vaporsier

-Mitsubishi chemical Kalr Fischer reagents


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