High spec and high performance Karl Fischer moistuire meter

For over 25 years Nittoseiko (formerly Mitsubishi) has been considered the gold standard in Coulometric and Volumetric Karl Fischer titration. The state-of-the art CA-310 continues this legacy and enables high quality analysis of any solid liquid or gaseous samples with enhanced usability and premium performance.  

Unmatched useability for every application

The modular concept of the CA-310 enables scalability up to 4 active titration channels and increased flexibility for the customer by allowing conversion between coulometric and volumetric measurement. Fully supporting GMP/GLP and FDA 21 CFR data integrity requirements and with the option to export data over a network to LIMS The CA-310 Provides options for every application. Wireless connectivity between controller and Karl Fischer titration cell allows use within a glove or dry box without any loss of dexterity when using the touch screen interface. The CA-310 is also Fully compatible with the Nittoseiko range of vaporizers (LINK) and provides options for high throughput automation (LINK).

Key features

  • Simultaneous operation of up to 4 channels in any combination of coulometric or volumetric Karl Fischer
  • Built-in 21 CFR part 11 data integrity
  • Automatic export of data over a network to LIMs
  • Wireless connectivity between controller and Karl Fischer cell
  • 4 inch colour touch screen interface
  • Lower measurement limit of 5 µg H2O
  • Automatic reagent dispense and evacuation system
  • Suitable for measurement of Bromine index/number

Parameter / Elements

– Coulometric Karl Fischer moisture measurments

– Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture measurments

– Bromine index/number

Industries and branches

– peterochemical

– pharmaceutical

– Energy

– Chemical

– Neutraceutical


Standard methods

ASTMD890, ASTMD1159, ASTMD1364, ASTMD1533, ASTMD2710, ASTMD3401, ASTMD4017, ASTMD4377, ASTMD5460, ASTMD5530, ASTMD6304, ASTMD6869, ASTMD7375 ASTME1064 ASTME203

ISO 760, ISO 3699, ISO 3839, ISO 4317, ISO 5381, ISO 5536, ISO 6296, ISO 6488, ISO 7105, ISO 7335, ISO 8534, ISO 10101, ISO 10336, ISO 10337, ISO 10362, ISO 11021, ISO 12779, ISO 12937, ISO 14897, ISO 15512, ISO 20764, ISO 20938

IEC 60814

Product details


– Nittoseiko Vaporsier

– High throughput Karl fischer automation

-Mitsubishi chemical Kalr Fischer reagents


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