Instrument Enclosure

The IE Series was specifically designed to enclose analytical instruments where during operation, exposures risks arise or where hazardous are used. The IS systems are specially designed to allow easy access to all device components both to the user and the service engineer.

Optimal user protection

The IE Series Instrument Enclosure protects the user from airborne hazardous substances (dust and aerosols) while working, for example, on analysis systems and other laboratory equipment where hazardous exposures are expected.

A key aspect in the development of this series was to allow maximum access to the integrated measurement systems so that these can be easily operated and serviced without the user being exposed to the released exposures.

Separate suction ensures that the exposures are aspirated at source. Enclosures can be positioned on existing laboratory benches. Stainless steel mobile pedestals are also optionally available for this purpose.

The contamination of people and the laboratory environment can be effectively prevented by the use of the IE Series.

Instrument Enclosure

Figure 1: Instrument Enclosure e.g. with moisture measurement system

Instrument Enclosure

Figure 2: IE Series with open front panel

Figure 3: Instrument Enclosure with separate ventilation pipe for local extraction

Key features

  • Air flow that can be adapted to specific requirements
  • small amount of air consumption and low operating costs
  • 360 ° access to all system components
  • Independent ventilation, no connection to the home ventilation necessary, but possible.

Measurement method

  • Maximum access to all system components
  • Unique ventilation design
  • Ergonomic design enables comfortable work
  • Can be connected to other enclosures for simple sample transfer
  • Operation with local filter unit or optionally connected via the house ventilation
  • Alarm monitoring of the inflow velocity

Standard methods

Containment tested according to EN 14175 Part 3

Product details


Available in 600, 900, 1200 or 1500 mm width

(Other sizes on request)


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