Climate Zone

Climate-controlled Enclosure

The ClimateZone provides a secure climate-controlled environment for the testing of pharmaceutical products. Temperature and humidity are controlled in the ClimateZone.

Secure, climate-controlled working environments

The ClimateZone is a climate-controlled Enclosure with a unique circulating air concept. This allows the user to create a specific, controlled environment with regards to temperature and humidity. Inside the ClimateZone the environment can be maintained for long periods (days), regardless of how the laboratory environment changes.

The air is circulated through the enclosure via a HEPA filter and an air treatment system. The filter serves to clean the air.

The purified air is then passed through the air conditioner and thereby conditioned to the preset temperature and humidity.

Controlled environments can thereby be produced very cost-effectively.

Figure 1: ClimateZone with gloves

Figure 2: ClimateZone with “Iris port” entry

Key features

  • selectable temperature and humidity profiles
  • independent control of temperature and humidity
  • side-mounted transfer box
  • Independent ventilation, no connection to the home ventilation necessary, but possible
  • Easy access through hinged front doors
  • Particularly suitable for the use and testing with NGI’s or Andersen Impactors

Measurement method

The ClimateZone offers a local, climate-controlled environment for sensitive samples or climate-related trials. More flexible and cost-effective than the climate control of an entire laboratory.

  • Independent air filtration technology
  • Mobile, flexible and cost-effective operation
  • Ergonomic, relaxed and safe working
  • Easy access to instrumentation.
  • Alarm monitoring of air flows
  • Access via ports or gloves
  • Transfer hatch available

Use and applications

  • Testing of inhalation drugs, for example, of NGI Cascade impactors and Andersen impactors.
  • Packing of small quantities under defined climatic conditions

Standard methods

Tested and approved for inhalation test

Product details


1500, 2000 and 2500 mm width available


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