Bulk Powder Series

Dispensing Enclosure for handling of large quantities

The Bulk Powder Series is specifically designed for the safe transfer and weighing of toxic or active substances from large containers, such as drums. When using a mobile Bulk Powder cabinet, both the transferring and the weighing process can be carried out locally.

Dispensing Enclosure for handling of large quantities

It is specifically developed for laboratories, technical schools, pharmaceuticals and production. This series of safety weighing enclosures provide an ergonomic working environment for the safe transfer and weighing of large amounts of toxic and / or active powder products from large containers.

A laminar, horizontal air flow over the work surface ensures that any airborne contamination is taken away from the user.

The unique, turbulence-free flow inside the cabin allows the use of precision scales up to highly sensitive micro-scales.

The separate suction device on the barrel opening also captures dust generated during the removal of toxic / or active substances from the container .

The BP enclosure system has a base entry opening which is sealed with a special extraction ring system. Containers are introduced through the base opening and the work surface is sealed with the ring system.

The flexibility of this system means both smaller containers as well as large barrels can be handled safely.

Figure 1:  Bulk Powder cabin BP-1500 for weighing and dispensing of bulk materials

Figure 2: Height adjustable drum lift for easy handling of containers

Figure 3: Independent extraction around the container inlet

Key features

  • Virtually turbulence-free weighing environment
  • Separate Fan filtration system minimises vibration
  • Ergonomic to use easy access to large containers
  • Low air consumption

Measurement method

The dispensing of bulk materials from bulk containers safely is often carried out in a downflow booth which will require additional operator PPE to carry out the task without contaminating the operator. This procedure is very cumbersome and time consuming. The Bulk Powder-series, however, offers maximum personal protection with minimal product exposure.

Use and applications

  • Independent air filtration technology
  • Requires only a low air volume
  • certified HEPA filtration
  • vibration-free design for stable and accurate weighing results
  • excellent visibility and work ergonomics
  • Constant airflow control with and integrated alarm system which has an audible and visual alarm function
  • ergonomic design allows easy access and transfer of the drum container

Standard methods

Independent tests show an ECL (Exposure Control Limit) of less than 1 µg / m³

Product details


Available in 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm width

As with any safety enclosures by a1-safetech, the Bulk Powder Series is equipped with a filter unit which is independent of the enclosure. In addition to HEPA filtration solvent filtration is also available.


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