ST1 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel weighing enclosures

The stainless steel safety weighing cabins were designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. These correspond with the stringent cleaning requirements in this area, especially when working with changing products where cross contamination must be absolutely avoided.

Personal protection, stable weighing results and GMP compliant clean

ST1 stainless steel weighing cabin protects the user from airborne hazardous substances during the weighing process or work with other pollinating agents.

It is used as a pharmaceutical bench for handling highly active pharmaceutical substances with a defined access opening. A motorized filter housing with a HEPA filter produces a negative pressure in the working chamber and a uniform influx of air through the work access opening from the surrounding space into the cabin. The contaminated air from the work area is cleaned through the HEPA filter and can be returned to the lab. (optional air resumption via “course interruption”)

Specially shaped flow wings on the work access opening and the shape of openings prevent a backflow of contaminated air from the interior.

The threat to laboratory workers from exposure can be virtually eliminated by the ST1 stainless steel weighing cabin. Its unique design allows ergonomic, relaxed and safe work.

Figure 1: Stainless steel weighing cabin with waste system Placement on laboratory bench or special, very sturdy mobile art

Figure 2: ST1 stainless steel weighing cabin optimal visibility for ergonomic work

Key features

  • virtually turbulence free weighing environment
  • Tall interior offers freedom of movement for pipetting and handling of samples
  • vibration-free through independent filter unit
  • optimum personal protection against dust, and aerosols of all classes
  • Certified HEPA filtration system

Measurement method

  • Independent air filtration technology
  • Requires only a low volume of air
  • Ergonomic, relaxed and safe work
  • Freedom of movement for pipetting and handling of samples
  • Horizontal laminar air flow allows the use of microscales
  • Alarm monitoring of air flows
  • Cleaning according to GLP regulations

Industries and branches

pharmaceutical laboratories

Use and applications

ST1 stainless steel weighing cabins make work in pharmaceutical laboratories safer and also save energy and running costs compared to traditional Wall vents.

Standard methods

  • Outbreak tested according to EN 14175 Part 3
  • OEL: <20 ng / m³

 Product details


  • Steel grade 1.4301, roughness max. 0.6 microns
  • Alarm device for the monitoring of the inflow velocity
  • Twin tube lamp (2x18W) with daylight tubes


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