Safety Weighing Enclosures

Personal safety is of special importance when weighing potent substances. This is where the ST1 series offers optimum conditions for people and material. The unique functionality in the design enables the uninterrupted operation of sensitive micro analytical scales and ensures the minimum weight.

Optimal personal protection and stable weighing results

The a1-safetech safety weighing cabin creates security and the best weighing conditions.

It is recommended by all the leading scale manufacturers and used by many in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The safety weighing cabins were designed to protect the user during the weighing process. They guarantee the weighing stability even when weighing in the microgram range, and optimally protect the user throughout the entire weighing process.

The unique functionality in the design enables the uninterrupted operation of sensitive micro analytical scales and ensures the minimum weight.

Figure 1: Enclosure with filter unit Double-bag waste system and printer table

Figure 2: Encosure with two filter units, redundant HEPA filtration (Alternatively: a filter housing with 2-layer HEPA filter

Figure 3: Enclosure with HEPA filtration and second filter unit with active carbon filters for the filtration of solvent vapors

Figure 4: Safetech ST1

Key features

  • virtually turbulence free scales environment
  • Weighing work with analytical balances according to USP requirements
  • vibration-free through independent filter unit
  • unique directional airflow guide
  • Certified HEPA filtration system

Measurement method

Special features include:

  • Independent air filtration technology with certified HEPA filtration
  • Vibration-free design for stable and accurate weighing results
  • Excellent visibility and work ergonomics
  • Permanent control of the inflow through integrated alarm system with acoustic and visual Alarm function according to TRGS 500
  • The optimized height design also enables pipette handling

Use and applications

Combine the safeguard measures according to your requirements:

  • Increase security by use a double-layer Hepa filter. (redundant filter system)
  • Complete the system with an active carbon filter to protect against solvent vapors
  • Small space requirement, allowing easy retrofitting into existing laboratories and weighing room possible

Standard methods

  • Independent test an OEL / ECL (Exposure Control Limit) of less than 20 ng/m¬≥ (performance test by the independent institution SafeBridge cConsultant)
  • The ST1 Series operates in accordance to EN 14175 Part 3 and ASHARE 110 and corresponds to the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and is a “closed” safeguard measure conforming to the resulting TRGS 500
  • H14 HEPA filter certified to EN1822

Product details


The safety weighing cabin is available in three sizes:

ST1-900 90 * 60 * 75 cm

ST1-1200 120 * 60 * 75 cm

ST1-1500 150 * 60 * 75 cm

Accessories and alternative products

  • Printer stand for external scale printer
  • Endless waste system
  • Antistatic bar

Figure 5: ST1-900: Weighing cabin with Hepa filter and solvent filter








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