Halogen and sulfur analysis using  hydropyrolysis and  IC

The AQF-5000 is the 4th generation  for coupling to ion chromatography (combustion IC). Fast, robust and reliable determination of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulphur in solid, liquid and gaseous samples with organic and/or inorganic matrix or components.

20 years of combustionIC – experience and  know-how for your halogen and sulfur analysis

  •  Increase efficiency and safety in the laboratory
  • Save money and resources
  • Improve the quality and robustness of analyses
  • Act sustainably
  • Work in accordance with standard methods

The AQF-5000 is a high-temperature digestion system that can be coupled with an ion chromatograph. The resulting  system is called a combustion IC. With this coupled analysis system, halogens and sulfur can be determined in liquid, viscous, solid and gaseous samples. Classically, personnel-intensive methods such as Wickbold, Schöninger or Druckbombe are used for such investigations. In addition to the possibility of complete automation for liquid and solid samples, the AQF-5000 offers significantly lower detection limits than most classical methods with better reproducibility of the results.

For more than  20 years, the combination of combustion arrest and ion chromatography as a  combustionIC has offered the possibility of fully automatic halogen and sulfur analysis in almost every matrix from inorganic solids to    gases. The  combustion-IC stands not only for the successful coupling of two established analytical   methods,butalso for  our  successful  cooperation  with  specialists for ion chromatography. We  ourselves  have more than 40 years of experience with combustion analyzers and have been operating c-IC systems in our laboratory for almost 20 years. We can guarantee the optimisation of the technology for your application and its robust use in routine operations.

The AQF-5000  sets standards in automation, flexibility  and    applicationbandriding. With shorter measuring times, extensive measurement sequences and low maintenance, we provide you with the all-round package for robust and cost-effective halogen and sulfur analysis using  combustionIC including sample preparation and application.

Different samplers for solid and/or liquid and  gaseoussamples are available for the AQF-5000:

  • ABC-500: Half automatic sampler  for  solid, viscous and liquid samples
  • ASC-570LS: Fully automatic sampler for  solids  and liquids  (boat + syringe injection)
  • GI-520: Automatic sample feed for gases and  pre-evaporated LPG/LNG/CNG
  • GI-560: Direct task of LPG/LNG with automatic dosing  and  replica measurement

The AQF-5000 can be coupled with existing or newn  specificn IC systemsalready in the laboratory.   Alternatively, a standalonesystem with fraction collector is available for automatic sample preparation via hydropyrolysis.   Manual systems that can be expanded later can also be configured.

Key features

  • Coupling of hydropyrolysis and ion chromatography
  • Maximum degree of automation of digestion and measurement
  • Parallel determination of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulfur as well as AOF, AOCl, AOBr and AOI
  • Solid, liquid, viscous and gaseous samples as well as LPG and LNG
  • Organic and inorganic samples (including corrosive substances)
  • Measuring range from 0 to 100% with detection limits in the ppb range
  • Excellent analytical performance
  • Flexibility through modularity with other detectors and various samplers
  • Easy handling and intuitive software
  • Easy maintenance and low operating costs

Parameters / Elements

  • Fluorine
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Iodine
  • Sulfur
  • AOF
  • EOF
  • AOCl
  • AOBr
  • AOI

Measurement method

  • Automatic sample feed for gases, solids and liquids
  • Hydropyrolytic combustion digestion
  • Absorption of combustion gases and automatic aliquotation/dilution of the absorption solution as well as transfer into the IC
  • Ion chromatographic detection of analytes

The combustion digestion on the AQF-5000 enables the fully automatic, simultaneous determination of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulfur by ion chromatography in almost all organic and inorganic substances. After digestion, absorption, oxidation/reduction and transfer into the IC, the halogens are analyzed as fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide and sulfur as sulfate. The two systems (combustion and ion chromatography) operate staggered and fully automatic without further manualintervention.

Industries and branches

  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Agriculture and food
  • Heavy industry and raw materials industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods
  • Waste & Recycling

Use and applications

The combustion IC (c-IC) is one of the strongest and most flexible analytical methods for halogen and sulfur determination with a variety ofapplications. Contact us to check your analytical requirement for feasibility. Below you will find some  selected  application examples:

  • AOF and EOF – Sum parameters for the determination of fluorinated organics (PFAS)
  • Halogen contents in electronic componentsn (RoHS analysis,OLEDs)
  • Fluorine content in lithium batteries and their components (production and recycling)
  • Fluorine, chlorine and sulphur in primary and secondary energy sources
  • Raw materials and intermediates of the glass industry
  • Fluorine and chlorine in heavy industry feedstocks
  • Halogen and sulphur content in wastematerials/recycledmaterials
  • Halogen contents in building materials
  • Halogen content in waste wood
  • Fluorine determination in textiles and other consumer goods
  • Contact us for information on further applications

Standard methods

Numerous standard procedures and standards already refer to the technology of c-IC,such as .B. :  ASTM D5987,  ASTM D7359,  ASTM D7994, ASTM D8150, ASTM D8247, DIN 38409-59, DIN EN 62321-3-2,  UOP 991,  UOP  1001

Product details


  • Method: Oxidative hydropyrolysis in a quartz glass or ceramic tube and ion chromatographic determination of the analytes fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulfur
  • Sample feed with ASC-570 L/S: Automatic sample feed for solids and liquids, thanks to multiple combustion up to 500 mg solid sample feed or 1 ml liquid sample feed possible.
  • Gas sample feeding with GI-560: Direct task of LPG with automatic replica measurement, with GI-220 automatic sample feeding of pre-evaporated LPG and CNG or gases
  • Furnace HF-500: Horizontal arrangement, up to 1100°C, automatic gas and combustion control depending on the sample matrix, furnace hinged for easy accessibility of the combustion tube.
  • Absorption module GA-500: absorption of combustion gases, constant volume function for final volume determination of the absorption solution, transfer one aliquote of the absorption solution into the IC
  • Detection using ion chromatography: The system can be coupled with existing IC systems in the laboratory or connected to new IC systems specially designed for your samples.
  • Measuring range: ppm up to 100%
  • Gas supply: O2 ≥  7%; Ar  ≥  99.98%

Software and use

  • Application-specific software for controlling combustion and absorption as well as optional detectors and feed systems
  • About ChromeleonLink® control of the entire system by  Chromeleon®  software


Optional accessories:

  • ES-500 – Add-on for increased calibration flexibility
  • CM-500 – Combustion Monitor
  • AOFenrichment: enrichment30, 5-channel AD


AOX activated carbon (AOF analysis)


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