Maximum flexibility and speed for perfect S N Cl analysis

NSX-5000 – Modular measurement system for the determination of S, N, Cl (coulometric) as well as F, Cl, Br, I,S  (c-IC)  in solid, liquid and gaseous samples. Robust high-end analytics for best results in routine and research.

Non-containingsolutions for measuring sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine as well as fluorine, bromine and iodine

The NSX-5000 is a modular system for the determination of sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine. Depending on requirements, the different detectors can be combined with each other. Extensions for fluorine, bromine and iodine are available. The long series running times in conjunction with our know-how form the basis for sustainable system solutions.

The ideal furnace arrangement: With vertical sample feed, large sample volumes can be implemented very reproducibly.   The horizontal furnace setup offers maximum flexibility with regard to sample types. The longitudinally divided and hinged furnace enables routine inspections of the combustion pipe and its change in a few simple steps. Device components do not have to be moved for this.

Perfect and consistent sample implementation: Due to the design and concept of the system, ideal combustion conditions are found for all substances. Even with a wide variety of matrixes and changing components, maximum consistent data and thus excellent results are achieved. Even substances with a high boiling point can be completely abandoned and converted free of cross-contamination.

Simple and robust routine: The key to high analytical performance is the straightforward concept with simple components and good accessibility of all modules. The sample task and implementation can be directly checked and monitored. Thanks to the patented Micro-Auto-Dilution  (MAD),  samples and standards can be automatically diluted inline during sample feed.

Figure 1: NSX-5000V (Variants)

Maximum flexibility in sample task and detection:

Different samplers for solid and/or liquid and gaseous samples are available for the NSX-5000:

  • ABC-500: Semi-automatic autosampler for solid, viscous and liquid samples
  • ASC-550L: Fully automatic autosampler for liquids
  • ASC-570LS: Fully automatic autosampler for solids and liquids (boat + syringe injection)
  • GI-520: Automatic sample introduction for gases and pre-vaporised LPG/LNG/CNG using a gas burette
  • GI-560: Direct feeding of LPG/LNG with automatic dosing and replicate measurement. ASTM D6667

Depending on requirements, different detectors can be combined on the NSX-5000.

  • SD-500: The sulphur detector enables high-precision measurements down to 5ppb (LOQ).
  • ND-500: The nitrogen detector offers very good precision and linearity even in the lowest measuring range.
  • MCD-500: The high-precision microcoulometer enables the determination of chlorine contents down to 50 ppb (LOQ).
  • GA-500: The absorption module enables the collection of combustion gases. F, Cl, Br, I and S can be collected quantitatively and automatically transferred to an ion chromatography system for further measurement (combustion-IC). The NSX-5000 is the only sulphur-nitrogen measuring system that can also be used as a c-IC.

We have the perfect analytical solution for robust analytics inroutine, research and development. Ask us about your all-round carefree package of device, application, know-how and support.

Key features

  • Outstanding analytical performance
  • Maximum flexibility due to modular design and various sample feed, furnace, detector and coupling modules
  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • High sustainability due to long series running time, long support and cross-compatibility of parts

Parameters / Elements

  • S
  • N
  • Cl
  • F, Cl, Br, I

Measurement method

  • Sample feed: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic for solids, liquids and/or gases as well as LPG/LNG
  • Sample combustion: mobilization under inert gas, conversion in the oxygen stream, hydropyrolytic conversion if necessary
  • Gas processing: depending on the detection of gas drying, gas absorption and/or reduction or oxidation of analytes or matrix
  • Detection: potentiometric titration (Cl, S),  chemiluminescence (N), UV fluorescence (S), ionchromatography (F, Cl, Br, I, S)

Industries and branches

  • Chemistry
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Agriculture and food
  • Heavy industry and raw materials
  • Medicine
  • Petrochemical Oil Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer goods
  • Waste and recycling

Use and application

  • Determination of S, N, Cl in petrochemical raw materials, intermediates and end products
  • Sulphur determination in biofuels / FAME
  • Determination of S, N, Cl in solvents
  • Measurement of S, N, Cl in solid samples
  • Trace and ultra-trace determination of sulphur and nitrogen in fuels, gases and liquefied gases
  • Nitrogen content determination in pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate and end products
  • Measurement of nitrogen in water and wastewater samples
  • Determination of nitrogen in agricultural products (starch, sugar, etc.)
  • Determination of sulphur and nitrogen in edible oil and animal fats
  • Measurement of AOX, EOX, POX,AOF, EOF in water, wastewater, soils and sewage sludge
  • Sulphur content determination in hydrogen
  • Determination of total chlorine in coal
  • Determination of total chlorine in palm oil

Standard methods

The NSX-5000 is fully compliant, among others., to the following standard methods:

ASTM D3120, ASTM D3246, ASTM D3961, ASTM D4629, ASTM D4744, ASTM D4929, ASTM D5176, ASTM D5194, ASTM D5453, ASTM D5762, ASTM D5808, ASTM D6069, ASTM D6667, ASTM D6721,  ASTM D7183,  ASTM D7184,  ASTM D7457,  ASTM D7551,  ASTM D7620, DIN 38409-22, DIN 38409-8, DIN 38409-H14, DIN 38414-17, DIN 38414-18 ,  DIN 51400-7,  DIN 51444,  DIN EN 1485,  DIN EN 5486,  DIN EN 14077,  DIN 38409-32,  EN ISO 9562,  EN 17178, EPA 1650B, EPA 9020B, EPA 9021, EPA 9023,  ISO 11480, ISO 20236, ISO 20846, JIS K2541, OENORM M 6614, UOP 910, UOP 936, UOP 971, UOP 981, UOP 987, UOP 988

In the configuration as a combustionIC system,  a.o., to the following standard procedures are covered:

ASTM D5987, ASTM D7359, ASTM D7994, ASTM D8247, DIN 38409-59,  DIN 51408,  DIN EN 62321-3-2,  UOP 991,  UOP 1001

Product details


  • Sampler: up to 120 positions for vessels (2ml, 4ml, 6ml), up to 49 positions for boats (ceramics, glass),sample feed from syringe, Tedlarbag, gas cylinder or LPG bomb
  • Oven: Horizontal or vertical arrangement, up to 1100°C
  • Chlorine: Coulometry with silver electrode, potentiometric titration control, measuring range 0.05-50 μg (Cl)
  • Sulfur: UV fluorescence, measuring range: 0.005-20,000 mg/Kg (Expandable by micro  auto  dilution)
  • Nitrogen: Chemiluminescence, measuring range 0.01-5,000 mg/Kg (Expandable by micro  auto  dilution)
  • C-IC: Ion chromatography, measuring range 0.05 mg/Kg – 100%
  • Analysis time 3-20 min
  • Gas supply: O2 99.7%; Ar 99.98%

Software and use

The NSX-5000  is controlled by specific control software that allows intuitive use for easy and robust operation. Fast commissioning, simple setup of the measurement sequences including calibration, easily visualized results, standby functions, extensive reporting and numerous diagnostic and service tools characterize the software.


Optional accessories:

  • STC-500
  • IC connection (combustion IC)
  • AOX enrichments: Enrichment30, 5-channel AD module


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