Accessories / Supplies


A range of accessories and consumables are available to ensure you work with your safety weighing enclosure.


Key features

  • matched to our products
  • guaranteed compatibility with the materials used
  • simplifies handling in the enclosure

Product details

    decontamination wipes to clean the cabin interior

  • GAS500 Smoke Test Kit
    GAS501 Test tubes
    Test tubes for Smoke Test Kit, 5 pcs. / pack. To control the air flow

    Bags for waste system 50 pcs. / pack. replacement bags for the double-drop waste system

    Double-bag waste system for retrofitting

  • ST-PRT
    Printer table for external printer of a scale

    Antistatic rail to reduce static build-up in the interior of the cabin

  • FILT-S-HEPA/300
    H14 HEPA filter 1-ply.

  • FILT-D-HEPA/300
    Double HEPA filter, This filter contains two layers of filter material, providing double security

  • FILT-SOLV-DS/300
    Active carbon filter Solvfilt for solvent vapors

Alternative products


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